Welcome to my woolly little blog!!

Welcome to my woolly little blog!!
You are welcome to browse, comment, ask questions,
seek advice on a knitting issue and find out more about Shetland and it's world renowned wool.
Plus, some snippets and snaps from my everyday life.
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lace, Wool & Sheep (Not the normal order of things!)

Hi there.
If you're visiting my blog for the first time, WELCOME!
If you are a regular here, WELCOME BACK!
I am making some progress with the "Arches and Columns" patterned scarf I told you about in a previous post, so I'll just give you a sneak preview today.......

I found it difficult in the beginning and had it ripped back to the bare needles 6 times before I finally got underway with it. Now I'm enjoying it, and I feel the pattern suits this particular shade of blue.
My next project is a coloured cockle shell scarf and here are the colours I have chosen for that.....

I'm hoping this will work out in reality the way I think it will in my head! Oh my head!!! I feel the soft shade of pink and also the pale flecked bluey green will sit nicely between the natural colours but not stand out on their own.
Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!! Ha ha

And now please allow me to indulge myself a little as I share some sweet photos of my sheep, taken last night at feeding time. Oh how I love my fleecy friends! Every night when I feed them I put out their food then turn the orange bucket upside down and sit on it (Oor Willie style!) and talk to them. Sometime when cars or cyclists go by they will wave, toot or honk. I expect they think I am completely off my trolley!! But guess what? I don't care!

So here are some photos, hot off the press as it were......


Shulah and Yaisah


Grub up, heads down!

Branjah the messy eater!

Full tummies on legs!

All very special to me. Some are missing from the photos as they don't always come down from the hill to be bucket fed, and I only have eight sheep at the moment. Planning on a couple more Soays and perhaps three coloured Shetland lambs later in the year, so I'll keep you posted on that.
Right now I'm off for a nice cup of tea.
I hope you've enjoyed browsing my blog. Please let me know if there is anything you'd like to see more of in connection with Shetland and Shetland wool.
Until next time, take care.


  1. I love sheep! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my barn blog. There are several rural/farm blogs that I follow. Here are a few that you may like:


  2. Hi Amy, many thanks for popping by and following my blog. You are most welcome here!!
    I will certainly have a look at those barn blogs. We don't have fancy barns in Shetland. They're just plain old boring barns!!
    Catch up with you again soon.
    Take care.