Welcome to my woolly little blog!!

Welcome to my woolly little blog!!
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Fresh New Header

Hi folks, decided today I would give my blog a fresh, new header picture. I had actually taken this photo for another purpose but felt it was also suitable for my blog. I like the blend of colours together.
Just to tell you a little about each thing and why I chose it, I'll work from left to right around the lamp, which I just chose because I like it so much. Here we go......
1. Real Shetland Yarns, a book in which I have a story published about my father and grandfather, both weavers of Shetland rugs. My father worked exclusively in natural un-dyed Shetland colours and his designs were instantly recognizable. I was one of 40 runners-up and we recently all met up at the book launch and received a complimentary copy of this very interesting and colourful book. It was a fab night! I must just tell you this too. As many times as I have seen the photo of my father which is published in the book, I had never before realized that on the wall of the weaving shed were the words (Chad style!!) "Wot? No rugs?" My sister and I really laughed when we saw that. We could just imagine dad doing that.
2. A very old pattern for knitted Fair Isle berets for children. It was humorous to note that in the pattern it doesn't say "instructions" but "recipe"!! I love that.
3. An Introduction to Keeping Sheep. A great little book just to browse and look up things. I was brought up on a croft and we did keep sheep then, but things have changed enormously since then and you can never have too much knowledge or expertise when it comes to animal husbandry.
4. This is a photo of my late father, a weaver, a knitter, a humorous story teller, baker of fine scones and pancakes, jam maker and overall great man.
5. Pattern for a Shetland cockle shell scarf.
6. The Dogs of Woodcutter Down by David Kennard. The book I'm reading at the moment and enjoying too. Makes me wish I had a sheepdog though. I have to run up the steep hill myself!!
I'm off now to put all these items back in their place and get on with knitting the "Arches and Columns" scarf I blogged about in a previous post. It's driving me mad but I AM going to finish it........and secretly hope it will win a prize at the shows. Well, you have to be positive about these things!
Until next time, take care and be creative.


  1. Your new picture is very pretty, but I had gotten rather attached to your knitting belt. I'm thinking about purchasing one myself and am already practising by sticking a knitting needle in the side of my pants. I'm planning to cut off the end part of 40cm wooden needles. Any advice you can give?

  2. Hi Karin, great to receive your comment and thank you for telling me you like the new header. These things matter to me because I want folk to enjoy their experience when they visit my blog.
    I'm delighted you're thinking about getting a knitting belt. I can't even knit without one! lol
    For needles, and this is my own personal opinion, I would purchase those that are pointed both ends already because they just make the whole knitting process a whole lot smoother. I'm not sure if you use wooden or the grey coated metal needles. For a knitting belt I would advise metal needles.
    I'm not sure if you've clicked on the link for Shetland Wool Brokers on the right hand side of my blog. They are the best people to ask and purchase from here in Shetland. I buy all my lace wool etc from them and they are very friendly and efficient too. I have looked at their knitting belts and they are very sturdy and well stuffed so will last for years.
    You could always drop them an email.
    If you have any further queries I'm more than happy to help. I really hope you try the knitting belt. It makes knitting a lot faster and more even once you get the hang of it.
    I hope some of that has been helpful.
    Pop by again soon and let me know you've visited!
    Many thanks Karin.