Welcome to my woolly little blog!!

Welcome to my woolly little blog!!
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Today I went to visit a friend who has been doing a scaled diagram of a sheep shelter for me. Well, it took me about 15 minutes to get the car de-iced before I could go anywhere! This is the first day this winter that we've woken up to so much ice. I heard later in the day that even the gritting lorry went off the road!! Also, a school bus, but thankfully there were no children in it and the driver was unhurt. The half hour drive to my friend's house took a little longer than usual because there were icy spots on the road. I also noticed a thin layer of snow on the highest hills.
Shetland can be very beautiful in the snow. here are a couple of photos to let you see what I mean.......

But getting back to my sheep shelter, I was very pleased with what he came up with. I had bought 14 sheets of corrugated iron and wanted to put them to good use on the shelter. Here is the plan. It's based on how he built the shelter for his own animals.

This diagram © Colin Arnot 2012

Having two openings means I can also have a dividing wall between the two ends if I need to and still have sheep separated, which is a good thing if I perhaps plan to have lambs born on the land in the future. The open end has only been left open to see the internal part of the diagram. This will be closed like the other end when the shelter is built.
I'm very pleased with the plan and can't wait to have it up in the field especially now as the weather is turning wintry. Shetland sheep are very hardy. Soays need more shelter in adverse weather conditions.
Well, that's really my news for today. Tomorrow the sheets should arrive in the field, so hopefully it won't be long til building time begins!!. I'll leave you with a favourite Soay photo of mine.

Hand feeding Yaisah, twin sister of Shulah.

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