Welcome to my woolly little blog!!

Welcome to my woolly little blog!!
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Great Book for Christmas!

Hi again
seems like a little while since I had something to report but I suppose it's the same for most people at the moment with the Christmas/holiday period upon us once more.
With that in mind I'd like to draw your attention to a new publication from Jamieson & Smith Wool Brokers, Shetland.
It's called "Knit Real Shetland" and here are a few words about it....

Introduction by Kate Davies.

Designs by: Jared Flood, Daniel Goldman, Gudrun Johnston, Mary Kay, Sandra Manson, Jean Moss, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Toshiyuki Shimada and Grace Williamson, Lesley Smith, Candace Eisner Strick, Hazel Tindall, Joyce Ward, Woolly Wormhead, Masami Yokoyama.

This is Jamieson & Smith's first ever book bringing together local luminaries with international designers to show how Real Shetland Wool and Shetland's knitting heritage and culture has developed over the 65 years of Jamieson & Smith.
The picture above shows the cover.
Just click the red J&S link at the right hand side to go to the website, learn more about it or purchase the book.
I just love the front cover!!

Now, if I don't manage to get back on here before Christmas may I take this opportunity to wish you all joy and peace over the festive season and may you all start the year with a new and fresh enthusiasm for creating.
Come back in the new year to join me in something fun and creative!
See you then.

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